Project Description

The ISTDP London core training is an IEDTA accredited programme that trains clinicians to achieve competency in ISTDP theory and psychotherapy skills. There is an emphasis on Attachment Based-ISTDP techniques.

This three-year training comprises ten days of teaching each year (split into 5 two-day blocks). Participants are asked to commit to the training for one year at a time, with progression to the following year by mutual agreement.

The syllabus will cover:

  • Metapsychology of ISTDP
  • Key therapeutic interventions
  • The diagnostic spectrum and assessment process
  • Working effectively with unconscious anxiety & maladaptive defence processes
  • The punitive superego
  • The Central Dynamic Sequence

Lectures and clinical presentations are used to teach key concepts and techniques. A comprehensive reading list will be provided. Supervision of participants’ own clinical work is a key element of the programme and trainees are required to present video of their work in progress.


The ISTDP core training programme is suitable for clinicians working in NHS as well as private settings. To be eligible, participants must be qualified mental health professionals registered with a professional body (eg: psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists or counsellors) or registered in an accredited training programme.

A small group format is designed to create a safe and stimulating environment for trainees. Commitment to one year’s training at a time is required. Acceptance into the following year will be by mutual agreement.

Course fee: £2500 per year (10 days training). Payment in instalments available on request.

The lead trainer is Dr Lewis is a chartered clinical psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society and the Health Professions Council in the UK. She is an accredited IEDTA supervisor and trainer and has extensive experience in offering core training programmes in ISTDP, as well as introductory and advanced training. The ISTDP London training programmes have been designed in consultation with Dr Robert Neborsky, MD, who has developed the attachment-based ISTDP model. Experienced ISTDP colleagues may be invited to contribute on specialist topics.

This course is currently full but if you would like to join the waiting list or discuss the programme further, please contact Dr Lewis at:

Course Full

Group A (London)

Course Full

4-5 December 2020
5-6 February 2021
23-24 April 2021
25-26 June 2021
24-25 September 2021

3-4 December 2021
4-5 February 2022
1-2 April 2022
10-11 June 2022
9-10 September 2022

Group B (2022)

Course Full

15 January 2022
25 February 2022
19 March 2022
22 April 2022
21 May 2022
17 June 2022
16 July 2022
16 September 2022
5 November 2022
2 December 2022

Group B (2023)

21 January 2023
24 February 2023
25 March 2023
21 April 2023
20 May 2023
23 June 2023
15 July 2023
22 September 2023
14 October 2023
17 November 2023